At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to serving all people, from all backgrounds and faiths – especially society’s most vulnerable.

From October 3 to 9, 2021 we mark National Catholic Health Care Week across Canada, recognizing the important work of Catholic health care organizations in our province and across Canada.

Nationally, Catholic health care serves over 5 million Canadians each year and employs over 88,000 people. Our footprint is big. Our hearts are even bigger. And our belief that we are part of each other’s journey, there to support and transform one another, is the foundation it’s all built on.

National Catholic Health Care Week 2021 TOOLKIT

This year, National Health Care Week seeks to build understanding, connection and trust about our mission and contribution as a Catholic health community in Canada’s pandemic response.

Through stories, reflection and prayer, the Week also seeks to foster healing and to advance Catholic health care’s commitment to social justice and the values of inclusiveness and compassion, in the spirit of reconciliation.

Introduction to Catholic Health Care Week


Courageous Gift

As Catholic health organizations across Canada, we are united in a 400-year healing mission and are inspired by a calling to care for all with compassion and humanity—body, mind and spirit. Together, we are driven to improve health care for all Canadians, especially those at greatest risk, as innovators, advocates and strong partners across our health care system.


Social Media Toolkit

Please promote National Catholic Health Care Week on your social media platforms and use #catholichealthcareweek wherever possible during the Week.


Daily Reflection & Prayers

During this especially challenging time of the pandemic and discussion and action on racism, we offer daily reflections and prayers for each weekday to support you in acknowledging and reflecting on our work and collective impact.

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