The footprint of Catholic health care within a high quality integrated Canadian health system is vast and our impact is great.

Millions of Canadians seek the care and services of Catholic health care organizations who respond with compassion, innovation, person-centred care. The collective contributions of Catholic health care organizations make the Canadian health care system—and Canadian society—stronger.

The courageous gift
Facts at a Glance

Mission, Vision and Values

At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to serve all people, from all backgrounds and faiths, especially society’s most vulnerable.

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We are guided by a Governing Council which includes representatives of all Sponsor/owners across the country. The Governing Council determines and provides oversight to strategic priorities, collaborates on key initiatives, and unifies the voice and work of Catholic health care.

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We are unified in an unshakeable belief that Catholic health care starts with a spiritual purpose: a deep-rooted calling to recognize and serve each person as sacred a human being. Catholic health care organizations have cared for Canadians in small towns and urban centres for over 400 years. Catholic women of faith laid the foundation for today’s health system, driven by audacious bravery and a deep desire to live the healing ministry of Jesus.