Our purpose

Inspired by the Gospel and grounded in shared beliefs and values, we work together to achieve a Canadian society that reaches out to every person who is suffering from illness, stigma, poverty, or loneliness.

Our vision

We are called to lead, collaborate, innovate, and influence to improve health care in Canada and serve where the needs are greatest—especially the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized.

Our values

Spirituality — Together we recognize and nurture the God-given creativity, love, and compassion that dwell in each of us.

Fidelity — Together we foster and strengthen the long tradition of Catholic health care in Canada in new and complex circumstances.

Solidarity — Together we work to share experiences, expertise and resources in a common commitment to Catholic health care in Canada.

Collaboration — We work in concert with others in promoting the common good, mindful of our commitment to act in communion with the Church.

Justice — Together we advocate for national health and social policy that ensures the respect and dignity due all persons.