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Publication Catalogue

Novalis, Canada's premiere publisher of religious books, has become the distributor of all publications produced by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada.




Rediscovering The Art of Dying

Rediscovering The Art of Dying
How Jesus’ Experience and Our Stories Reveal a New Vision of Compassionate Care (2018)
By Nuala Kenny, S.C., O.C., M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)

Drawing on the Passion of Christ, Sr. Nuala Kenny reflects on the inevitable questions we all face regarding health, illness, suffering, and dying. Sr. Nuala Kenny provides a profound spiritual and biblical reflection by linking Jesus’s own experience of suffering and death with real-life stories about patients. This book is for anyone undergoing, or reflecting on illness, suffering, and dying. It is also for families and friends who accompany the sick, dependent and dying, and for caregivers who accompany them. It is sure to guide attitudes, practical decisions, and actions that are central concerns in serious illness and dying, while clearing up misunderstandings that often accompany periods of stress.

Bibliographic Information: ISBN: 978-2-89688-451-3
Pub date: September 1, 2017
Pages: 160* ~ Size: 5.25” x 8.25”
Price: $18.95*

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Health Decisions and Care at the End of Life

Health Decisions and Care at the End of Life: A Catholic Perspective (2015)

Important and timely guidance on how to approach end-of-life decisions in light of the
teachings of the Catholic Church

Health Decisions and Care at the End of Life is a rich resource authored by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada. This book explains how someone might deal with end-of-life decisions in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. It addresses the issues that arise during this last stage of caregiving and offers a guide to understanding the ethics needed for rational thinking when individuals are faced with those vital decisions. It touches on important concepts such as palliative care, medical treatments and procedures and how to best assist the dying – for doctors and nurses, for families and friends and for concerned Catholics everywhere. This is an essential resources at a time when the country is in the midst of a debate over euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

32 pp, 5.25” x 7”
978-2-89688-212-0            $2.95

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Health Ethics Guide 2012 cover

Health Ethics Guide - Third edition (2012)

This third revision of the Health Ethics Guide is meant to provide guidance in light of new advances in science and medicine. It seeks to firmly ground the guide in the Gospel message. Moreover, it incorporates a more fully articulated vision of the social nature of health care along with the values and principles that are embedded in the Gospel.

The Health Ethics Guide:

  • underlines the fundamental commitment within the Catholic tradition to the ministry of caring for those who are sick and suffering;
  • articulates the values and principles that provide guidelines for ethical decision making; and
  • promotes a pastoral understanding of how these principles and values can guide decision making in health and social services.

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Price: $20.00
10 or more copies: $18.00 each

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  2. Bulk orders of 10 or more copies of the printed Guide call: 1-800-387-7164

  3. E-book version of the Health Ethics Guide

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Forming Health Care Leaders: A Guide

Forming Health Care Leaders: A Guide – outlines and explains the themes that are essential for the formation of leaders for the kind of health care that strives to achieve the highest ideals of human dignity and fulfillment. Production of the guide was a joint project of the provincial Catholic health associations, the Network of Public Juridic Person (PJP) Sponsors, and the CHAC.

Price: $12.50
10 or more copies: $10.00 each

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Lift Up Your Hearts to the Lord

Now in its 7th printing - December 2006

"Caregiving and comfort wrapped up in a book"

This popular pocket-sized prayer book contains an inspirational collection of prayers for those who are sick and those who care for them. Filled with reflections, this book will be invaluable to persons providing spiritual guidance in times of illness, acute stress and suffering. Whether it sits on a table beside your favourite armchair or at the bedside, in your purse or suit pocket, Lift Up Your Hearts provides a compendium of common prayers and valuable reflections.

Disponible en anglais seulement

Price: $4.00 (no bulk order price)

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Living With Hope in Times of Illness

A pamphlet that contains ten meditations and reflections that bring comfort in sickness and the many kinds of suffering it brings; suitable for patients, parishioners or anyone who is sick or cares for them.

Price: $2.00
10 or more copies: $1.60 each

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Facing Death, Discovering Life 

"There is much literature on death and dying in our library but nothing quite so suitable for both palliative care patients and their families."

This book explores a paradox - facing death and entering into the anguish and suffering that accompany it can be an experience in discovering life. Death, which we will all live one day, is not an encounter with meaninglessness; it is the fulfillment of life. This book is intended primarily for those who are dying and for those who may face the loss of a loved one. The final section of the book is intended for caregivers (family members, nurses, aides, doctors, pastoral care providers and all those who work closely with those who are dying). Short reflections to inspire and comfort.

Price: $10.95
10 or more copies: $8.75 each

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Spirituality and Health

"What's good for the soul can be good for the body too."

This booklet presents a thorough discussion of the relationship between spirituality and health. After reflecting on what is behind the current interest in health, complimentary medicine, it describes spirituality and illustrates the richness of Christian spirituality in particular. In part two, the various elements of a spiritual life are examined in light of their potential impact on health. Building on the latest scientific research, Spirituality & Health argues that the striking
connections between spirituality and health are no longer a matter of conjecture but of fact. This booklet provides compelling evidence showing that spirituality and care for the soul promote health, nurture healing and recovery from illness, and provide an important means for adjusting to chronic illness

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All other publications of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada are available for free to view online in pdf format. To view these online resources click on: Online Publications.