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Health Ethics Guide - Third edition 2012


ethics guide

This third revision of the Health Ethics Guide is meant to provide guidance in light of new advances in science and medicine. It seeks to firmly ground the guide in the Gospel message. Moreover, it incorporates a more fully articulated vision of the social nature of health care along with the values and principles that are embedded in the Gospel.

ISNB: 9780920705438
162 pages including a glossary of terms and index

Table of Contents


Loving Compassion and the Healing Relationship:
The Context of Ethical Reflection
The Call to Respect Dignity
The Call to Foster Trust in Care
The Call to Promote Justice
Responding to the Gospel Call for Compassion and Healing Service
The Call to Compassion and Ethical Reflection
Fundamental Moral Values
The Health Ethics Guide

Chapter One: The Social Nature of Care
Introductory Comments
Health Care
The Catholic Vision of Health and Social Service
Health and Healing
Christian Healing Ministry
Mission of Catholic Health and Social
Service Organizations
Social Responsibility
Commitment to Education and Research

Introductory Comments
Respect for Every Person
The Primary Role of the Person Receiving Care
Informed Decision Making
Privacy and Confidentiality of Information
Emotional and Family Bonds
Spiritual and Religious Care
Respect for Varying Cultures and Traditions
Conscientious Objection
Inadequate or Inappropriate Discharge
Mental Health
Abuse of Persons Receiving Care
Care of Those Assaulted
Promotion of Dignity Regarding Sexuality and Persons Receiving Care
Gender Reassignment
Sexuality and Public Health

Chapter Three: Care at the Beginning of Life
Introductory Comments
Health Issues Unique to Women
Responsible Parenthood to Be Fostered
Regulation of Conception
Acceptable Means to Aid Fertilization
Unacceptable Means to Aid Fertilization
Reproductive Surrogacy
Respect for Embryos and Fetuses
Medical Treatment of Pregnant Women
Early Induction after Viability
Conditions for Participation in Genetic Screening Programs
Pre-implantation Diagnosis
Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment
Care of Parents, Family Members and Staff in Distress
Care of Human Remains

Chapter Four: Care at the End of Life
Introductory Comments
Care of Persons at the End of Life
Palliative Care
Decision Making and the Dying Person
Refusing and Stopping Treatment
Attending to Differences and Distress in Decision Making
Medically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Suicide and Euthanasia
Advance Care Planning

Introductory Comments
Respect for Donor and Recipient
Eligibility for Being a Recipient
Living Donors
Deceased Donors
Donation after Cardiac Death
Distinct Health Care and Transplantation Teams
Monetary Remuneration
Donation from Aborted Fetuses
Brain Cell Transplantations
Disposal of Human Organs and Tissues
Use of Animals

Chapter Six: Research Involving Humans
Introductory Comments
Purpose of Research
Criteria for Research Studies
Consent, Capacity and Informed Decision Making
Protection of Personal Health Information
Conflict of Interest
Research on Gametes, Embryos and Fetuses
Stem Cell Research
Reproductive Cloning
Genetic Research
Gene Patenting
Research on Animals

Introductory Comments
Collaborative Relationships
Allocation of Resources
Rationing of Resources
Spiritual and Religious Care
Fostering an Ethical Environment
Establishing a Process for Ethical Reflection by Management
Addressing Ethical Issues
Organizational Response to Conscientious Objection
Employer/Employee Relationships
Conflict of Interest
Alternative Sources of Revenue
Abuse of Care Providers
Dealing with Complaints
Disclosure of Adverse Events or Possible Scandal

APPENDIX I – Making Moral Judgements
Interpretive Principles

APPENDIX II – Glossary of Terms