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2014 Conference Resources, Ottawa, ON

April 30–May 2, 2014

Thank you to our Convention Sponsors

Final Program


Sr. Mary Haddad RSM

Continuing the Tradition in Times of Change

Sr. Mary M. Haddad, RSM
Senior Director, Sponsor Services
Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHAUS)

From her unique perspective, Sister Mary will discuss the role of religious
congregations in the early development of health care ministries, the
organizational structure of church ministry and the evolving role of laity in
Catholic health care. She will then focus on the challenges and opportunities
for Catholic health care in a new health care environment.

Mr. Ed Stelmach


Share Our Stires

Ed Stelmach
Former Premier of Alberta

Former Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach brings his unique perspective on the
legacy and future of Catholic health care as he shares his experience of
being nurtured by the Sisters as a young boy in a rural hospital and examines
how Alberta’s 150-year legacy of Catholic health care has helped shape
and build the province. Committed to the role of Catholic health care, Mr.
Stelmach believes the intrinsic dignity of the person and the Gospel call to
care for each other is a cornerstone for ensuring a just society that cares for
its most vulnerable members. He looks at the threats and opportunities to
the health ministry and reflects on the critical role Catholic health care must
play in strengthening Canada’s public health care system through risk-taking,
innovation, community building, stewardship, and values-based leadership.

Fr. Frank Morrisey OMI

Delivery and Sponsorship of Catholic Health Care in Canada:
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Rev. Francis G. Morrisey OMI
Professor emeritus of Canon Law, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

The development of Catholic health care in Canada could be identified by the
word “adaptation”. From the arrival of the Augustinian Sisters in the 1600s,
to the present time, the delivery of health care has indeed been marked by
adaptation to the various challenges that had to be faced. From challenges of
mere survival for the Sisters, through the greater involvement of governments, to
changes in the Catholic Church; Catholic health care has constantly adapted to
remain relevant yet faithful to continuing the healing mission of Jesus. Now, with
most of the religious congregations having withdrawn from active sponsorship
of Catholic health care and the establishment of new canonical structures to
ensure the Church’s continued presence; what are the essential elements
ensuring the faithfulness of the work for the Church? New challenges emerge
and they can take on different forms. What are some of these new challenges
and how can the ministry continue to adapt to address these?

Sr. Nuala Kenny

Ethics and Integrity: Real World Challenges for Catholic Health Care
“The Promise and Fragility of Catholic Health Care”

Sr. Nuala Kenny