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Mission Resources

The resources presented on this page have been provided by CHAC members. The goal is to share material and resources that Mission Coordinators have developed in member facilities. They are provided so that coordinators may see what others are doing and perhaps use in their own organizations, adapting them to their particular circumstance.

Please feel free to use the materials below. An acknowledgement of the source (the name and organization of the provider) would be appreciated.

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Networking Meetings

Please Share Your Resources With Others

If you have other resources you wish to post please contact

Materials are posted with the following conditions:

  1. Any material (texts or images) that is copyrighted by an individual, group or facility can only be posted if permissions have been granted.

  2. Materials can be submitted in French and/or English. Resources will appear on the web site in whatever language they were submitted. CHAC is unable to translate these resources.

  3. Material can be sent in the following formats: Preferred formats: electronic text format (WordPerfect; Word); electronic image (tiff, jpeg); Acrobat pdf files (preferred because it is a universal format). Should these options be unavailable to you, you can send it as printed material to the CHAC office.