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Intégrer santé et valeurs


Mission Award Program

This "Mission Awards Program" is a collaborative effort with the St. Joseph’s Hospital Advisory committee and the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation and the Sisters of Charity which pays tribute to the employees and volunteers who bring honour to the organization through outstanding service, grass-roots leadership, teamwork and community service.

Submitted by David Levangie, Director of Mission, St. Joseph's Hospital & Rocmaura Nursing Home


Mission Driven Organizations: A Board and Senior Leadership Guide to Mission, Values, Evaluation and Selection
Prepared by the Catholic Health Association of Ontario (CHAO) 2001

Section I: Preface; Catholic Health Care: Challenge of Mission Integration
Section II: Leadership Recruitment and Evaluation
Section III: A Tool for Evaluation

Balanced Scorecard for Mission Effectiveness
and Strategic Planning

Margaret Love, SCO, Ottawa

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CHAC Values Integration Assessment

Évaluation de l'importance accordée
aux valeurs

Sample Terms of Reference for Mission Teams
gggSubmitted by Providence Health Care, Vancouver

Role Description for Team Chair
gggSubmitted by Providence Health Care, Vancouver

Statement of Purpose
gggSubmitted by Mount St. Mary Hospital, Victoria