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Catholic Hospitals Digital History Books Collection

Documenting the legacy and contribution of the
Congregations of Religious Women in Canada,
their mission in health care, and the founding and operation of Catholic hospitals.

Catholic Hospital History Books Masthead

Books/booklets already digitized (updated: March, 2018)

Acknowledging the help I received from others
Chronologie de I'établissement des hôpitaux canadiens tenus par des communautés religieuses: 1639-1945
Catholic Hospitals in Canada: A Summary
British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba
Ontario Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island Newfoundland North West Territories Yukon
Canadian & Regional Congregations of Religious Women    
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Recent Additions to the Collection

Mount St. Joseph's Hospital Vancouver Vancouver - Mount Saint Joseph Hospital: 25th Anniversary of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital and the 50th Anniversary of the Arrival in Vancouver of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (14 pages with illustrations) 1971.
Lethbridge St. Michaels Hospital Lethbridge - Out of the Blue: History of St. Michael's School of Nursing, Laboratory & X-ray, 1953-1973. Authors: Julia Demaere; Irene Gruninger; St. Michael's Hospital Nurses Alumnae. Published by St. Michael's Hospital Nurses Alumnae. Printed by Graphcom Printers Limited. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (272 pages with illustrations) 1985.
St Marys Hospital Kingston Kingston - St. Mary' s of the Lake in Kingston: Compiled and written for the silver anniversary of the hospital. by Rose Mary Gibson. Designed and Printed by Maxwell Printers & Bookbinders, Kingston (48 pages with illustrations) 1971
Sisters of St. Martha History

Cameron, James D. And Martha Served: History of the Sisters of St. Martha, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Halifax, Nibus Publishers. (352 pages with illustrations). Copyright © James D. Cameron, 2000. Used with Permission.

  • History of St. Martha's Regional Hospital, Antigonish and other hospitals in Cape Breton Island
  • History of other hospitals run by the Susters of St. Martha in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
St. Michael's Hospital, Buckingham, Quebec Buckingham - Hôpital Saint-Michael Hospital, Les potes qui ne se ferment jamais ~ The doors that never close. Buckingham, Quebec. 1906-1956 (Bilingual, 64 pages with illustrations).


Scope of the digital project

Another aspect of the The Great Canadian Catholic Hospital History Project is to create a digital record of all books and/or booklets that were created to celebrate Catholic hospitals and/or Catholic nursing schools.

These historical resources can be in the form of:

  • a souvenir booklet printed for the opening ceremonies;
  • a booklet celebrating the 25th or 50th, even 90th, year of operation;
  • a book written about the history of the hospital;
  • a chapter about a Catholic hospital that appears in a larger book on the community in which the hospital is situated.

What you can do to help
Are you aware of any such books/booklets on the history of Catholic hospital or Catholic nursing schools in Canada?
The Great Canadian Catholic Hospital History Project is interested in obtaining a digital record of any such books or booklets.

The digital format that will be used for this project is a PDF file created by Acrobat Distiller. For books that have already been printed PDF files are usually created by scanning each page of the material.

Copyright - Many of the books and booklets within the scope of this project are not copyrighted and are in the public domain. However, should a book or booklet have a valid copyright, the project will seek to obtain permission to transfer the material into a digital format. In some instances every attempt to find the copyright holder(s) has been made to no avail. In these rare cases the book is made available here online with the notation "copyright permission sought but not found."

How to send materials

By Mail:
Original documents will be scanned and returned promptly to the original sender unless it is stipulated that the project can keep the material.
Catholic Hospital History Project, c/o Greg Humbert, 1389 Tomiko Rd., Crystal Falls, ON P0H 1L0

By E-Mail: Greg J. Humbert -
If you have the capability to scan documents yourself, the project will accept a PDF file of the book or booklet. We will also seek copyright permission for any material that requires it, before using the material in its entirety.

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Sisters of Charity of Montreal "Grey Nuns"

Sisters of Providence

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Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish


Send all inquiries or information to Greg J. Humbert -
Catholic Hospital History Project, c/o Greg Humbert, 1389 Tomiko Rd., Crystal Falls, ON P0H 1L0